Partner Hotels


PREMIUM STAR HOTELS (PSH) group is a hotel operator in Slovakia and Croatia.

Common features of our hotels are unique location, quality accommodation and great gastronomy. Our guests come to us for both, passive and active relaxation.

We make every effort to ensure that the added value of your stay can be enjoyed with non-traditional experiences through expeditions, gastronomy and a variety of entertaining experiences.

Companies and Groups

Our hotels offer to corporate clients a unique combination of beautiful environment and quality services.

Hotel Salamandra**** is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Štiavnica Mountains. We offer conference rooms for 150 people and comprehensive services for all who love quality gastronomy, healthy lifestyle and adrenaline.

Mountain Hotel Sliezky dom**** is located in the untouched surroundings of the majestic High Tatras. Its slogan perfectly captures it – Replace the office with the experience. Connect your work team on an avalanche course or during a brown bear observation.

Hotel Trakoščan**** is located at the Croatian-Slovenian border, only 370km from Bratislava and 45 minutes of car ride from Zagreb (80km). It offers conference rooms for nearly 250 people and is an ideal place for corporate events in a beautiful setting, if you already know all sites in Slovakia. Contact